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Emotional Freedom Session

Emotional Trauma
Emotional Freedom

Emotional Freedom Session

Have you ever considered how it would feel to just thrive, free of negative self talk or the desire to distract yourself from emotions you'd really rather not acknowledge but which persist anyway, leaving you at the mercy of conditions such as anxiety, overwhelm, anger, guilt etc., to name a few.


Emotional freedom and the resultant peace that ensues is a precious journey.  However, the reality is that no-one traverses life without a degree of suffering or self-imposed limitation.  It is how we respond to these emotions that ultimately determines whether we surrender to a life of mediocrity in terms of perpetuating old patterns of behaviour that keep us small and possibly cause conflict with those closest to us or respond with enough courage and enquiry to evolve through our "stuff" and strive for our own individual brand of remarkable to live an inspired life on our own terms.

30min - $70

60min - $115

(60min minimum recommended for this session type)

90min - $175

This is just what I needed.  It's quite amazing when someone you don't know, "gets you" and throws a light on how I have been undermining and limiting myself.  I feel I have options now and a real way forward.  Time to take action!

Simon Keilly, UK

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