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Limitless Potential


Quantum Healer, Mystic &
Emotional Freedom Educator

Crystal Healing

Nothing in your Past
stands in the way of your Future!

- Lee Harris


Below are my current session offerings.  

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It's time to thrive!





My journey into Intuitive Healing and Emotional Freedom began many years ago when I started to ask the deeper questions relating to my own lack of peace and happiness.  I began to realise through consciously observing myself, that it was easy to blame external influences in my life as the cause when in fact, it was I who was the direct cause of my own suffering.  This epiphany had a momentous impact on my life. I came to truly understand that the incidents and experiences negatively impacting me were "negative" because I was allowing myself to be triggered by repetitive emotional responses - "survival or coping mechanisms" that I had learned over time.


A fundamental aspect of my work is to inspire you to perceive the power of breaking repetitive thought patterns and ingrained subconscious coping mechanisms (many accrued over a life time) which cause you suffering and an inability to thrive. By truly understanding that everything we need is within us, we can release the emotional impediments that ultimately present as physical symptoms if left unchecked, we can restore balance and transform our lives.  This enhances not only our own lives, but the lives of those closest to us.


Additionally, as a result of my extraordinary passion for all things metaphysical, I have had the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the human condition via significant exposure to a wide range of perspectives, destinations, cultures and gifted individuals across the globe. These experiences and a passion for constantly evolving have shaped my approach to healing, grounded in the wisdom of ancient healing practices and a deep appreciation for Quantum methodology.  My focus now is on assisting my clients to achieve balanced and sustainable wellbeing on every level.

I understand that you are unique so the results of your session will also be unique to you. The intuitive feedback that presents during your session is key to understanding yourself on a deeper level and an opportunity to make changes within yourself through awareness and intent, which is powerfully transformative. Whether you are struggling with anxiety, depression, low self worth, relationship challenges, etc., or simply desire a deeply relaxing and uplifting experience to refresh the spirit, I am committed to helping you find the peace and freedom you seek by sharing skills and knowledge that give you the power to steer your life in a balanced and sustainable way. 




Kandanga Creek, QLD

Peaceful rural setting in

The Mary Valley

Eumundi, QLD

Sunshine Coast

0419 909 215


Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri: 8am - 4pm

Wed & Sat 7.30am - 2pm


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