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Bliss Session & Chakra Tune Up

Every day brings New Possibility
Surrender to Self Love

Bliss Session & Chakra Tune Up

Want to feel completely relaxed and so much lighter? Your Bliss starts here with a combination of:

  • Deeply relaxing Energy medicine with a focus on each of the 7 major energy centres (Chakra's).

  • Light Language - a Heart based resonance that speaks directly to the spirit on a deep level that the mind does not understand.  Particularly powerful when combined with a healing intention;

  • A focused use of Aromatherapy essences specific to each of the 7 major Chakra's in conjunction with resonant light language to align and balance them;

  • Crystal gridding to boost life-force and vitality.

30min - $70

60min - $115

90min - $175

Truly relaxing and energising on a whole different level.  Thank you Malinda, I feel refreshed and revitalised.

Heather Glasson, VIC

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