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Quantum Healing &
Emotional Freedom

Energy Healing
Peace, calm and balance

Quantum Healing & Emotional Freedom

Your Healing journey starts when you are settled and relaxed and laying on your back above an extensive crystal grid.  You will be guided through a few long deep breaths and the Energy Medicine begins.

During this time, I will connect with each of your seven major energy centres (Chakra's) as the Light Language resonance is focused on each centre, this is the time when intuitive feedback or messages may come to my awareness.  I will work through each centre from base to crown and finish with a grounding technique, followed by a short blessing for your light field/energy body.

I will gently recall you from your deeply relaxed state and we will discuss any feedback or messages that presented during the energy session.  This is the time when we may explore the deeper layers of any emotional challenges or triggers relating to what presented during the session, bringing conscious awareness and clarity to them.

We will discuss new perspectives and empowering methods to overcome any subconscious emotional "programs" that may be repeating in your life that not only limit you but that are also potentially caus conflict with those closest to you.

30min - $70

60min - $115

(60min minimum recommended for this session type)

90min - $175

I loved the healing session and the resultant intuitive feedback following the chakra work was spot on.  I am grateful to have had this opportunity to dive into a deeper level of understanding of self.  I feel much more at peace.  Thanks so much.

Adam Foster, UK

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